Menu Planning — Week of January 27, 2013

27 Jan

So many recipes to try . . . only one eater in the household. Don’t let that stop you from making yourself wonderful meals. Both January and February’s issues of Chatelaine and Canadian Living magazines have recipes I am keen to try. This coming week, the Savvy Single Kitchen will try the following recipes:

Winter sky --- Ottawa, Canada

Winter sky — Ottawa, Canada

Modern Beef Stroganoff [Chatelaine, February 2013, page 128]

While taking inventory of the freezer last week, I’d found half of the roast I made in November (Piquant Dijon – Herb Crusted Sirloin Tip Beef Roast). I’d cooked it rare, so instead of buying a pound of fast-fry beef strips for the stroganoff, I’ll slice the thawed, left-over roast into thin strips.

Sofrito Baked Shrimp [Canadian Living February 2012, page 118]

Spicy Beans on Baked Sweet Potato [Homestyle Low-fat, page 199]

. . . and I’m on the hunt for a new vegetarian dish I can take to an annual skating party and potluck. It could also be a dessert. I’m keen to try Chatelaine’s Fresh Veggie Lasagna (ricotta cheese, navy beans, tomatoes and Swiss chard), although it might not be the easiest dish to eat off one’s lap. A savoury, rich vegetable Quiche might do, if it could be sliced into thin wedges for the buffet table.

If I get a hankering for soup again, I am leaning toward a Smoked-Fish Chowder. What are you planning to put on your plate this week?


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