What’s planned for week of February 17, 2013

17 Feb

It’s looking like a busy week for this savvy single, so I’m planning some easy meals.

In the post-Valentine’s Day frenzy, whole cooked lobsters were a great price at the meat counter. I picked one up and created a super easy and tasty way to serve it. I guess I’ll call it Lobster topped Basmati Pilaf with Sautéed Snap Peas and Peppers.  It was a glorious meal for one (easily adapted to 2 servings with the purchase of a second lobster). I’ll be putting my thinking cap on to re-invent the second serving of pilaf and veg with some other protein later in the week.

Lobster-topped Basmati Pilaf with Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas and Peppers

Lobster-topped Basmati Pilaf with sautéed Sugar Snap Peas and Peppers

I’ve also made a pot of meat sauce for spaghetti. I make just enough for 4 servings, so two will get tucked away in the freezer for future enjoyment. I won’t offer up my recipe . . . everyone has their own way to make a Bolognaise Sauce. A gal pal from uni was of direct Italian descent and her sauce always contained finely chopped carrots. Even I have a ‘special’ ingredient I’m loathe to share. If, however, you are willing to brag about yours I’ll happily print the recipe!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I plan to repeat a recipe I enjoyed last summer —Black Bean Quesadillas. Once the bean base is prepared, it is a quick matter to have a Quesadilla on your plate. Some broccoli slaw would make a good side dish.

We’re quite behind in posting recipes, so keep an eye on us at Savvy Single Suppers in the days ahead.





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