Meal Planning — Week of March 13, 2013

18 Mar

I’ve planned this week’s meals around a) St Patrick’s Day and a deal on lamb chops; b) a sale on salmon fillets and Maple syrup season; and c) the desire for a ‘fry-up’ in light of the return of below zero temperatures as we stare down the arrival of spring (according to the calendar).

There was a terrific deal on lamb chops a week or so ago. I bought 4 nice thick ones and popped them into the freezer. St. Patrick’s Day seemed as good a reason to eat them as any other. Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops with a Red Wine Reduction, Sweet Mashed Butternut Squash, Steamed Red Swiss chard . . . and a side of Potato, of course, was the ‘Sunday Supper’ this week.

Lamb Chops for St.Patrick's Day.

Lamb Chops for St.Patrick’s Day.

One of my rave, and fave, recipes for salmon fillets was another newspaper find. It’s a Chef Michael Smith recipe with a brilliant use of the iconic Canadian ingredient — maple syrup. Knowing my uncle’s sugar bush is operating and my order for 2 L of the new crop placed, I’m happy to use the extravagant amount of syrup called for in Roasted Maple-Brined Salmon. The salmon requires marinating a full 24 hours before cooking, but the marinade comes together in under 5 minutes. Cooking the fish is speedy, too.  Asparagus is a great side for this meal, perhaps a cherry tomato-asparagus dish can roast alongside the salmon.

And to gird myself against the continuing cold temperatures, I plan to fry up onions and potatoes in one pan and Hot Italian sausages with big chunks of coloured Peppers and Mushrooms in another. I’ll enjoy this with some sweet and spicy mustard and a cold beer.

On the sweet side, I brought home some juicy-looking fruit from the grocery store. I’m planning to make a few Savvy Single servings of Blueberry Apple Plum Cobbler. Just to keep warm,  you understand.

How’s your planning shaping up for this week’s culinary journey? Care to share?





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