What’s For Supper? — Week of April 7, 2013

7 Apr

Is it just me or is this time of year boring for cooks? During this very long winter I’ve prepared my share of roasted poultry and meat. Root veggies were boiled, mashed and roasted; Biscuits and breads baked; Fruit crisps and muffins made.

The only fresh seasonal crop in this region in March and April is maple syrup. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff. When I pick up my new crop from my uncle’s sugar bush I’ll make a traditional pan of Johnny Cake to enjoy alongside the first bowl of 2013 syrup.

One of my sides this week features maple syrup (Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Pecans). Yet dietary variety, calorie counting and common sense suggest I can’t build an entire week’s menu around the divine sweet liquid.

Customized Red-Hot Savvy Single Suppers Apron

Customized Red-Hot Savvy Single Suppers Apron

So what to cook? I admit it. I’m lagging in the vacuum between the hearty, rib-sticking fare of a frosty winter and the promise of tender greens from the first crops of spring. My only impetus for cooking has been the surprise gift of a new, red-hot Savvy Single Suppers apron from my folks.

Compiling menus this week was a challenge for me. I could use some extra inspiration before my BBQ gets sprung from the snow-blocked shed. What, dear readers, are you cooking these days?

Fruit Braised Turkey Legs served with Steamed Green Beans and the sweet potato dish noted above. [I’m adapting a few on-line recipes into one.]

30 minute Roasted Chicken Fajitas [Source: Chatelaine Quickies Chicken] dressed with salsa, avocados and sour cream.

Sesame Chicken with Ginger and Snow Peas [Source: Fine Cooking’s Make It Tonight ] served with Single Simply the Best Scalloped Potatoes [my adaptation of a Canadian Living recipe] and sautéed Bok Choy.

'Savvy-ed' Simply the Best Scalloped Potatoes

‘Savvy-ed’ Simply the Best Scalloped Potatoes

On the sweet side of things, I’m considering baking a Lemon Pudding Cake or try my hand at making a Maple Pudding Chômeur from Canadian Living Magazine March 2004.


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