Finally! Some Summer Meal Planning: Starting August 17th

18 Aug

I don’t know about you, but I am far more likely to eat out in the summer months. A patio beacons, a picnic seems right, friends come to town.

The week returning from the cottage is always depressing. For so many reasons. But after a determined effort to purge the fridge, scrub it clean, sourcing bins to keep it organized, a trip to the market and re-stocking some basic groceries I have moved forward to plan menus. Regular life returns.

Pollo al Mattone: aka Chicken under Bricks

Here’s what’s on my fridge-mounted meal planner for the coming days:

1.     Pollo al Mattone {Chicken under a Brick} – this recipe comes from Canadian Living’s “Let’s Barbecue” [Summer 2004]. It was served with skewered new potatoes, steamed fresh green beans and boiled corn on the cob. I’ll precede the post of the recipe with a lesson on how to “spatchcock” a whole chicken.

How to 'Spatchcock' a whole chicken

How to ‘Spatchcock’ a whole chicken

2.     Chili Espresso Strip Loin Steaks from Chatelaine Magazine’s September 2013 issue (page 80). I’m going to try making my first Green Goddess Salad and dressing with these steaks. Rounding out the meal are Grilled Balsamic Cafe mushrooms and some raw market carrots.

3.     Chilaquiles (tchee/lah/KEE/lehs) from Quick Vegetarian Pleasures (page 163) is billed as a Mexican-like lasagna dish. In researching the proper pronunciation of the word, I have discovered this recipe bears little resemblance to the authentic Mexican breakfast/brunch dish. The QVP recipe still sounds delicious and will help me use up a can of kidney beans opened in error. It layers strips of corn tortillas, with tomatoes, chilies, beans and Monterey Jack cheese and is then baked in the oven.

4.     The cover recipe of Chatelaine Magazine’s September 2013 issue is just too glorious-looking not to try. Chicken Pesto Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes (page 79) will help me use up the last of my 2012 batch of pesto before I haul home fresh basil bunches from the market to make enough pesto to see me through another year. A pint of multicoloured cherry tomatoes will add to the eye-appeal of this meal.

Strawberry Fudge Sundaes

Strawberry Fudge Sundaes

On the sweet side I don’t have my baking mojo back just yet. But Strawberry Fudge Sundaes pulled together from local berries, some store-bought waffle bowls, fudge sauce and premium vanilla ice cream hit the spot last night. Proving that Savvy Singles need not make everything from scratch to put a fine meal on their tables.



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