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Too many peaches? Make Peaches & Cream Pie

28 Aug

Came home one day last week with a gorgeous 3 L basket of Ontario peaches. I was looking forward to a week of juicy, sunny delight. However, the following day brown spots appeared on several of the fuzzy, rosy-hued fruit.

Perfectly ripe Ontario Freestone Peaches.

Perfectly ripe Ontario Freestone Peaches.

When the Orchard Goddess gives me rapidly ripening peaches, I pull out the recipe for Peaches and Cream Pie. I first enjoyed this pie at my sister-in-law Jane’s table. It’s a single-crust pie with a filling of fresh peaches combined with sour cream and crowned with a dusting of brown sugar melted under the broiler.

Peaches and Cream Pie

Peaches and Cream Pie

Jane got the recipe from my sister Sharon. Sharon reports she received the recipe from her friend Betty who found it in an issue of — quelle suprise — Canadian Living Magazine many years ago. The Test Kitchen at Canadian Living must be responsible for 70% of the finest recipes used by women North of the 49th Parallel! Continue reading


Smoked Fish Chowder — Snow Day Satisfaction

29 Jan

I could have called this post Carrots and Onions and Celery. Oh, My! Seems every recipe I’ve cooked in the last two weeks starts with these ingredients as a base. And sometimes garlic. A Savvy Single cook will make certain these items are constantly on hand, at least throughout the winter months.

Fighting the flu has been my primary occupation lately. Today I tried the rest-whine-hot shower-pot-of-tea remedies. Switched to some fresh-air-and-exercise late in the day as the snow piled up outside my door (again).

An hour later, I felt better but wanted a quick to cook, easy to digest, warming, thick bowl of sustenance for my supper. I decided to try the Smoked Trout Chowder recipe Chatelaine magazine published in their February 2013 issue. As usual, I had to make some substitutions, given the ingredients I had at hand.

Chunks of potato, carrot, celery in a creamy broth with smoked fish

Chunks of potato, carrot, celery in a creamy broth with smoked fish

Continue reading

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