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Your Words Have Power, Use Them Wisely

11 Aug

Re-blogging this post from a blogging colleague — the funny, quirky, warm Dallas of Crazy Train to Tinky Town. She tackles the epidemic of cyber-bullying, trolls and downright meanness perpetuated on the internet. NOT food or cooking related, but very Savvy all the same.

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

No doubt you have all seen in the press recently another beautiful young person has taken her life as a result of bullying cowardly internet trolls.  It saddens me that with the amazing technology that we now have access to in our homes and at our finger tips, there are those cowardly souls that would abuse this medium, hiding behind their anonymity to slander and disparage more vulnerable individuals.

We have all been members of social media groups where particular discussion threads have descended quickly into public slanging matches where accusations are made and vitriolic statements written.  I have left many a group appalled that so-called intelligent and fortunate people have found it necessary to take advantage of these opportunities to denigrate others with insults becoming unnecessarily offensive.

This week was no exception, whilst taking part in a Twitter event an individual took this opportunity to air some personal grievances…

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